QV Skincare

FROM ITS HUMBLE BEGINNINGS AS A FAMILY OWNED COMPANY, the QV Skincare name has won the minds and hearts of Australians looking for a gentler way to cleanse and moisturise their skin.

The QV legacy began in 1975 when the founder of Ego Pharmaceuticals, Gerald Oppenheim, was approached by Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Hospital to create a specialist, trustworthy skincare product for use in their dermatology wards. Forty years later, Oppenheim’s brainchild, QV Skincare, covers a wide range of over 30 products that are uniquely free of common irritants.

As a family-owned, Australian brand, QV Skincare’s reputation is built on a dedication to provide its loyal customers with constant innovation. 2017 has already seen the launch of two new products, including a fast-absorbing and moisturising QV Intensive Cream and a QV Face Ultra Calming Moisturiser for sensitive skin. Customers can also expect to see QV’s official ambassador, Kate Ritchie, supporting the launch of an exciting new campaign in which Australian consumers will share their QV stories.

QV Skincare’s strength and integrity is matched only by its dedication to its customers. As this proud family legacy continues, QV will remain the trusted skincare solution for generations of Australians to come.


"I am 66 and have been using QV on my face for over 30 years. It is fantastic stuff and people tell me I don’t look my age and compliment me on my skin."


"I like the low-irritant, dermatologically approved formulas that are favoured by this company, and they do not test on animals."

MALE, 35-49, VIC