AEROGARD IS THE NO. 1 PERSONAL INSECT REPELLENT BRAND IN AUSTRALIA*, and has been loved by Australians for over 50 years. The personal insect repellent became a household name in Australia after Queen Elizabeth II was rumoured to have used the formula at a garden party in Canberra on her official visit to Australia in 1963. The CSIRO’s formula was then branded as Aerogard and went on to become an iconic Australian brand.

What differentiates Aerogard from other competitors is the brand’s history, from the ‘Aerogard blue’ packaging, to slogans such as “avagoodweekend” which have become a part of Aussie slang vocabulary!

What a lot of consumers probably don’t know about the brand, is the rigorous amount of testing that goes into each product before it is brought to market. Each formula is tested against flies and mosquitoes in either Far North Queensland or Darwin to ensure Aerogard always provides consumers with high-quality products that work and work well!

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"It is one that we always used in my childhood and it has been effective. It’s the brand name that I associate most with insect repellents."

FEMALE, 50-64, VIC

"Aerogard has been around for a long time; part of Australian culture."

FEMALE, 50-64, ACT

"Works very well on me and I’m usually a favourite snack for the mozzies."

FEMALE, 25-34, VIC