STANDING OUT IN THE MARKET by offering a range of innovative and safe products is the aim of Bosch DIY Power Tools. Its new Green tools for every DIYer make projects simple and effective for all skill levels.

New to 2018 is the innovative range of NanoBlade saws. Part micro chainsaw and part jigsaw, the NanoBlade was designed with over 40 patents.

Designed for free-hand and plunge cuts, the saw is easy to control due to its low vibration. It is 100% maintenance free; no lubrication required, selftensioning and allows for quick blade changes due to its SDS blade interface.

Plunge cutting has never been easier with a NanoBlade. No longer will you need to pre-drill and use a jigsaw – save time and effort with a NanoBlade saw. It is available as both a cordless and corded tool.

The cordless EasyCut 12 is a compact and handy all-purpose saw and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, whether you need to cut back tree branches or plunge cut into plasterboard.

If you need the power of a corded tool, the Advanced Cut 50 offers precise and vibrationfree cutting for more control and safety. It can also perform bevel cuts at 45° and groove cuts for different depth adaptors and speed selections for the perfect cut each time. Perfect for cutting through plywood sheets or even laminate floor boards. These are two of the many Bosch DIY Power Tools coming into the market in 2018.

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