CADBURY DAIRY MILK milk chocolate is Australia’s No. 1 confectionery brand* and has been voted Most Trusted Confectionery Brand in 13 of the last 14 years.

Made with the equivalent of a glass and a half of full cream milk in every 200g block of CADBURY DAIRY MILK milk chocolate, its taste has remained smooth, creamy and unparalleled for over a century. Bringing people together over family favourites, such as FREDDO and the range of CADBURY DARK MILK chocolate, CADBURY regularly tempts us with new products and flavours. This year saw special edition CADBURY CARAMILK hit the shelves as well as a new range of chocolate blocks which are Packed with Yum and inspired by famous CADBURY bar brands; CRUNCHIE, PICNIC, BOOST and MORO. 2018 also saw the return of CADBURY DAIRY MILK and COCONUT ROUGH.

In addition, CADBURY has launched Cocoa Life, which is a holistic programme that focuses on the sustainable sourcing of cocoa and the wellbeing of cocoa farming communities. This appears on all CADBURY DAIRY MILK blocks, and means that twice as much Cadbury chocolate sold in Australia and New Zealand will be made with sustainably sourced cocoa, giving our fans the confidence that whenever they buy Cadbury chocolate it will not only taste good, but do good, too.

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* Source: Nielsen Answers MAT to February 2018

"Consistent good quality with all of their products."

FEMALE, 50-54, NSW

"They have such a large variety of products and all taste great."

MALE, 55-59, SA

"Great products that have been trusted for years."

FEMALE, 18-24, NSW