EVER SINCE IT LAUNCHED IN 1964, Finish has had a proud heritage in Australian hearts and homes. After decades of consistently cleaning the dirty dishes, Finish has come to be recognised as providing high-quality products that deliver superb dishwashing results, time after time!

Finish is the number one brand recommended by renowned dishwasher manufacturers, as well as the number one dishwasher detergent brand in Australia and worldwide.

Finish’s unique Powerball technology was first introduced back in 1999 and changed the game for Australian households. The iconic red Powerball provides presoaking, grease-cutting and other deep-cleaning functions in one easyto-use, convenient tablet format.

Last year saw the launch of a new tablet, Finish Quantum Ultimate, and 2018 is set to be an even bigger year for Finish. In June it will relaunch its entire tablet range with new phosphate-free formulae across all tiers: All in One Max, Quantum and Quantum Ultimate. In addition, Quantum Ultimate will be relaunched with new and improved formulations to ensure the elimination of the toughest grease for the best shine!

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"This is a brand that cleans dishes effortlessly and leaves them shiny"

MALE, 30-34, ACT

"Have tried other brands and this works the best for our household."

FEMALE, 30-34, NSW

"Cleans hard, dry marks and the fragrance is good."

FEMALE, 35-39, VIC