Guide Dogs

THE BOND BETWEEN A GUIDE DOG AND ITS HANDLER is deep and unique. Forever faithful, Guide Dogs quietly and confidently go about their work providing independence to people with sight loss. Guide Dogs Australia (GDA) is the brand behind giving people this unlimited freedom of movement.

While its brand is characterised by its highly skilled and intensively trained Guide Dogs, the organisation also provides a broad range of other free mobility and orientation services for people who have lost their sight or are vision impaired. Their Orientation and Mobility Specialists work one-on-one with their clients to identify their goals and develop a personal support plan.

With 28 Australians being diagnosed with uncorrectable vision loss every day, the organisation is actively reaching out to more people with impaired vision, helping them to move safely using a range of mobility aids and electronic devices. This unwavering dedication to promote freedom explains why, in 2017, GDA celebrated 60 years of taking the lead as the nation’s premium provider of orientation and mobility services.

GDA ensures people with vision impairment can fully participate in their local communities. This Trusted Brand proves to all Australians that the freedom to live the life they choose is possible.


"My husband is visually handicapped and Guide Dogs has been very supportive in providing him with mobility training and aids to make the most of what sight he has."


"You can see where the money goes when you see the dogs being trained and actually helping vision-impaired people."

FEMALE, 25-34, VIC