MANUKA HEALTH NEW ZEALAND STARTED IN 2006 with the mission of combining the best of nature and science to create truly effective natural health products. Manuka Health is now a trusted global brand, delivering premium natural health products to discerning consumers in more than 45 countries. The honey is a 100% New Zealand product and each pot can be traced right back to the beekeeper.

Manuka Honey is expertly blended for a smooth, velvety texture and a beautiful rich taste, retaining all of its natural properties. With 13 000 hives and one of the largest customised facilities in New Zealand, Manuka Health has a close connection with nature and respect for manuka and the bees, and are experts at hive management to ensure healthy, flourishing bees.

Manuka Health has a deep respect for the unique natural environment of New Zealand, the extraordinary honey bee and the health-transforming potential of these natural elements. Its core strength is built on an attitude as pioneers in the Manuka Honey and bee-product industry.

Manuka Honey embodies the living energy of the pure, wild and untouched Aotearoa, New Zealand, combined with strong scientific credentials. (Manuka Health pioneered the trusted and transparent consumer rating system MGO, based on methylglyoxal, the compound recognised for manuka honey’s efficacy.) Manuka Health uses its expertise to bring powerful natural ingredients from New Zealand to consumers around the world.


"Manuka Honey fan."

MALE, 65+, VIC

"Manuka Health’s honeys have always been reliable in texture, appearance and taste."

MALE, 65+, VIC

"Healthy and pure."

FEMALE, 35-49, WA