WHEN IT COMES TO ANNOYING AND DISGUSTING PESTS in your home, you want a brand that you can trust, and Mortein is the first brand that comes to mind for many Australians. With over 100 years of expertise in pest control in Australia, the brand offers a wide range of products to effectively solve your pest problems.

Mortein is a brand that is widely recognised by Australians, and was also one of the first brands to advertise when the television came to Australia in 1956. Soon after this, the lovable rogue synonymous with Mortein came to life: Louie the Fly – he’s bad and mean and mighty unclean, afraid of no one but the man with a can of Mortein!

Innovation has always been part of Mortein’s DNA. Even today the brand is constantly evolving to deliver on current consumer needs, and bringing new innovative products to market is a huge element of the brand.

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"Mortein has always been my go-to brand for pest control. They have the best product by far in my opinion."

FEMALE, 25-34, NSW

"Use it outside before a BBQ. Works a treat. Fast knockdown is true to its name."

MALE, 50-64, NSW

"We have and continue to use Mortein products and have always found them to be user-friendly and effective."

MALE, 65+, VIC