ACTIVE OUTDOOR PLAY IS CRUCIAL FOR CHILDREN’S HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT, which can result in messy stains on clothing. But OMO believes that every stain is a proud mark of a life fully lived and advocates outdoor play and learning, which benefits children in mental, physical and social development.

OMO provides laundry detergents that for over 60 years have delivered amazing stain removal every time. OMO offers a wide variety of products from OMO Ultimate, with its ability to treat 48 hour dried in stains, to OMO Sensitive that is tough on stains but gentle on skin and this year OMO is launching it’s most sustainable laundry detergent, OMO Ecoactive, which delivers the trusted cleaning power of OMO with 70% plant-based cleaning ingredients and a bottle made from 25% recycled Australian plastic (as well as being 100% recyclable). With no dyes and biodegradable ingredients, OMO EcoActive is tough on stains but not on nature.

OMO works with Nature Play to deliver Outdoor Classroom Day, a day to celebrate outdoor learning and play. Last year, more than 200,000 Aussie kids took part. Get your kids’ school involved this year and join us for Outdoor Classroom Day 2018, on 01.11.2018.

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FEMALE, 40-44, NSW

"Have used it non-stop for the last 10 years, love it, it works well, smells nice, no reactions to it."

FEMALE, 40-44, QLD

"Used it for years, it works well for us and we trust it."

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