BEING AN AUSTRALIAN-OWNED AND -OPERATED BUSINESS FOR OVER 100 YEARS, Richgro is now in its fourth generation of family ownership, and is still 100% Australian and family owned.

Richgro offers a wide range of garden products to help every gardener, from soils, potting mix, fertilisers, certified organic products to natural and innovative pest control products. Every garden has its challenges, and Richgro has products which will help your garden flourish. Ezi-Wet helps soil retain moisture to give your plants a boost while the Black Marvel range of fertilisers gives your plants a healthy advantage. While your fruit, flowers and vegetables will thrive, sometimes harmful insects can be attracted to your garden. Richgro also offers solutions such as natural insect spray Beat-A-Bug and Natural Fruit Fly Spray to help rid your garden of these pests. You can also clear your garden of weeds with Richgro’s natural, safe Beat-A-Weed weedkiller.

This year, Richgro will be launching a great range of new organic products and will be introducing new brand ambassadors to further brand engagement. This will allow Richgro to further educate gardeners and provide plenty of useful advice across all media platforms. Its aim is to help people “Bring your garden to life.”

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"I use these products and the plants are really healthy and bountiful."

MALE, 45-49, WA

"Only one that keeps our plants happy."

FEMALE, 18-24, QSL

"I just love the products."

FEMALE, 18-24, ACT

"Tomatoes turned out well this year."

FEMALE, 45-49, VIC