ASPEN NUTRITION products, which include S-26 GOLD TODDLER, come from a brand whose heritage dates back 50 years. Its products are trusted because they are developed based on science, and parents can be at ease knowing they can depend on this nutritious milk drink.

S-26 GOLD TODDLER is a nutritious vanilla flavoured milk drink for toddlers aged one year and older and is specially formulated with B vitamins, iron and calcium to help support toddler growth and development. S-26 GOLD TODDLER can be included to supplement the toddler’s diet, and may be beneficial when dietary intakes of energy and nutrients are inadequate.

“We believe the gold disc on the S-26 GOLD TODDLER logo is instantly recognisable, signifying quality nutrition that is backed up by science and is a sign of trust. As a brand we are not just a product, we also care for our consumers, the little toddlers of Australian families,” says Robert Barnes, head of Aspen Nutritionals & Consumer OTC. “This is evidenced through our continued investment in educational information, available online and through our careline.”


"Toddlers love it!"

FEMALE, 35-49, VIC

"It is a brand that has been around for years in Australia and is one of those iconic brands that mothers will tell their daughters about."

MALE, 50-64, NSW

"Only one we have used. Fantastic for our daughter."

MALE, 35-49, ACT